Eco Funeral

Eco Funeral

Eco Funeral

We are reducing our carbon footprint with the introduction of Eco Funeral: Ecological effect on nature and low-cost Funeral.

We are aware of our ecological responsibility, we have taken concrete measures to reduce their carbon footprint. This new funeral service has a double advantage: it is ecological and, moreover, economical.

Concretely, this means that the family who opts for the Eco Funeral is aware that the deceased will not be embalmed. In addition, the placing in the coffin, or placing the remains in the coffin, is done not in a wooden coffin but in a coffin made of biodegradable material, without handles and other metal, plastic or synthetic fabric accessories. This coffin made of biodegradable material is, in turn, put in a normal wooden coffin. Once at the cemetery, the coffin made of biodegradable material, “which is aesthetic and which will be decorated with flowers and will be delicately removed from the wooden coffin to be buried. The Eco Funeral reduces the carbon impact by three times. This biodegradable coffin can also be cremated in a crematorium.

We are committed for the reforestation and the conservation of endemic forests, for each Eco Funeral organized, we make a contribution to the Mauritius Wildlife Foundation. And in case a family insists on putting their deceased in a wooden coffin, then the undertaker plant a tree at Owen and Mary-Ann Griffiths’ Ebony Forest. “A life ends on one side but on the other, we give life to a tree in the making.”

The Eco Funeral is not only ecological but also economical

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