Post Office

Our members now have the privilege of making payments at the Mauritius Post Office around the island and attend several events.[gallery size="large" ids="3350,3349,3348,3347"]

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Elie and Sons Funeral had the privilege to work in collaboration with the G.S.E.A on special campaigns during several months for the Funeral Scheme. Founded in the year 1945 by a group of dedicated persons who felt the need to be responsible for defending, protecting, and improving the conditions of work and quality of worker’s life. Elie and Sons Funeral is proud to have members of the G.S.E.A in our community.[gallery size="large" ids="3344"]

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Police Mobile Force

The Mauritius Police Force celebrated its 250 years on 1st August 2017. In view of this event, a relay by Police Officers was organized with the theme “MARCH FOR HONOUR AND PRIDE”. Elie and Sons Funeral was honored to be one of the main sponsor for this historic event.[gallery size="large" ids="3333,3332,3331,3330,3329,3328,3327,3326,3325"]

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Walk around Mauritius

Elie and Sons Funeral was one of the main sponsor of the Gold Award Holders Association in the organization of the “Walk around Mauritius – WAM 2018 3rd Edition, 20th - 28th July 2018”. Our team was honored to form part of this walk for Road Safety.[gallery size="large" ids="3318,3316,3315,3314,3313"]

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Join us for a healthy cause. Donate your blood and help save a life.

Donate your blood and help save a life.According to a survey by the Ministry of Health and Quality of life, less than 3% of the healthy Mauritians eligible to donate blood do so.Hence, it is essential to keep the blood bank of the country filled enough to save a life.Our team has participated in this healthy cause. [gallery size="large" ids="2344,2356,2358,2359,2361"]

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Find out about our work with the NGO. World Light Kids Villa (NGO)

Our company works hand in hand with the betterment of society.We have collaborated with many NGOs around the country to help children in need like the  World Light Kids Villa and Association Faith For the Children.We have also helped families in Roche Bois and we are actively working with NGO to make our country a better place.[gallery size="full" ids="2370,2371,2372,2373,2374"] 

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Since 1928, we've been a family-owned business, offering funeral services, memorials, cremation services and meeting the needs of you and your loved ones.

Our Hours

  • Funeral Directors for daily funerals
  • Weekdays (Office)
    8:30 - 16:30
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