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Who are we ?

For your peace of mind.

Who are we ?

Welcome to Elie and Sons!

Since 1928, we've been a family-owned business, offering funeral services, memorials, cremation services, and meeting the needs of you and your loved ones. In 2011, we have started to provide funeral scheme facilities to help the Mauritian family avoid financial and organizational problems for peace of mind.

Like the Mauritian, Elie and Sons Funeral is also multicultural and compatible with all religions and rituals.


For your peace of mind.

Quality Services

Our company and our team have been striving to bring to you our top-quality services with compassion and respect for all cultures.

Quality service accessible for all.



Cherish the memories,
And in our hearts, they shall live forever.

Rest in Peace!

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For your peace of mind.

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Patrice Chinapen

Ma famille et moi tenons à vous remercier pour le professionnalisme que vous avez su démontrer lors des funérailles de mon père. J’ai une mention spéciale pour MR Arasen pour son dévouement

Patrice Chinapen, 01/04/22

Duportail kersley

Je tiens à vous féliciter pour la qualité de votre professionnalisme et surtout pour la délicate attention dont vous avez fait preuve envers ma famille et envers moi-même au cours des funérailles de mon grand père Donald luc claude ,Un grand merci. J’ai beaucoup apprécié vos compétences et vos attentions. Tout était parfait.
Ps: Un grand merci à Monsieur Arasen d’elie and sons pour son grand dévouement.
Un… Read more “Duportail kersley”

Duportail kersley, 25/03/22


Bonjour, Je souhaite témoigner du professionnalisme d’Ornella et de Stephen, qui ont su écouter notre demande dans ce moment si intense d’émotion.
Venant de France, notre méconnaissance des pratiques était grande.
Leur expertise et leur agilité ont pu faciliter le déroulement de l’événement.
Outre le service, nous saluons les postures bienveillantes et pleine d’humanité.

Caussy, 18/03/22

Lily Serge Kong

On behalf of my sisters and myself, I would like to thank Elie & Sons for their professionalism and dedicated service provided for our mum’s funeral on 24Dec’21.
All my families who are abroad, are deeply grateful to have been able to participate in the service and farewell our dear mum through the online streaming.
A very special thank you to Jessica for her personal commitment and precious… Read more “Lily Serge Kong”

Lily Serge Kong, 16/03/22

Perry Madelon

Dear Elie and Sons
I wish to thank you for support and your services by your representative Jessica Thomas on the death of my Father Mr Jose Madelon occurred on the 14th March 2022. Jessica approach was very professional and very helpful at that difficult moment.i also thanks the coffin bearers team who did a very good job and also lequipe de lembaumement. My dad seems was sleeping and… Read more “Perry Madelon”

Perry Madelon, 15/02/22

Dorette Bartmann

In the saddest time of my life, I was comforted, helped and lead when I could not. Ornella from Elie and Sons held the MOST beautiful service and cremation for my beloved wife. I will always be eternally grateful for their extreme professionalism and help.
Kindest regards
Dorette Bartmann

Dorette Bartmann, 27/02/22

Ponnappa Naiken family

Thank you to Elie & Sons’ team for the excellent service provided for the funeral of mu uncle. Special thank you to Stephane Valere for the rapid and professionnal approach and the efforts to have the funeral in the best possible way. Great team!Keep it up!

Ponnappa Naiken family, 16/02/22

Christian Antonio

Je tiens à remercier Mme Jessica Thomas pour tous le support qu’elle nous a apporté au décès de maman avec son équipe malgré que le pays était en classe 4 et un grand Merci pour le service impeccable des porteuse ainsi à Mme Gontran.

Christian Antonio, 12/02/22


Je Remercis bku lekip Eli and sons pour tout se que vous avez fait pour Xavier…. Remercis specialment stephan et Sébastien Valere…. Merciii bkuu

Darren, 03/02/22

Cheong Family

Thank you, Stephane Valere, Jean Bernard and Elie & Sons team for your tremendous help during this hard time. My family and I were able to grieve in peace, thanks to you. Thank you for looking after every little details and being available even on your off day. We appreciate your efforts and can’t thank you enough. Sincerely, Cheong family.

Cheong Family, 21/01/22

Beatrice Marie Rajeanne

Dear Elie and Sons’ Team, My family and myself are so thankful for the excellent service provided for the death of my mother. From the bottom of my heart, i wish to thank specially Manfred, David, Jason, Sylvain and all those behind the scene. You have made an awful time in my life more bearable.

Beatrice Marie Rajeanne, 13/01/22

Veerasami G

The Veerasami family of Belle Vue Maurel would like to thank your company Elie and Sons for the funeral of our brother on 19 December 2021. We would like to place on record the tremendous help extended by Mr Stephen Tin Kut Fong from the repatriation department who was very professional in his approach and deliverables. God bless you all.

Veerasami G, 29/12/21

Christelle Lam Ah Yan

I wish to thank the Elie and sons team for their support following the death of my father on 10 December 2021. May God bless you all. Stay safe and bless.

Christelle Lam Ah Yan, 21/12/21

Ingrid Rivet

Je tiens à remercier Jessica Thomas pour son excellent service,sa gentillesse et son dévouement durant nos moments difficiles .
Daryl et Ingrid Rivet.

Ingrid Rivet, 21/12/21

Eric Adam

Thanks a lot to Elie&sons for having handled our mothers funeral with great care and professionalism. The staff was very compassionate and caring and this has been very helpful for us to go through these difficult moments. Thanks again for everything

Eric Adam, 20/12/21

Joël Salaün

I wish to put on record the excellent and professional service and support provided by Mrs. Jessica during our sad ordeal on the passing away of my father Gervais Salaün. I also extend my gratitude to Sylvain and the team Elie & Sons for the organisation and the professionalism of the chapel of rest for my father. Best Regards. Joël Salaün.

Joël Salaün, 14/12/21

Clarence Mirbel

La famille Mirbel et Wong remercient le service formidable de votre représentante Mme Angélique pour son service professionnel et de s’était casser en quatre surtout avec les soucis du cimetière.
Bravo et merci encore
Très cordialement
Clarence Mirbel

Clarence Mirbel, 07/12/21

Roopnarain Emmanuel

Je tiens à remercier monsieur Thierry Bolaram pour son dévouement et un grand merci à Madame sonia qui nous as aider et soutenue dans nos démarches.Beaucoup de remerciement au chauffeur monsieur Avish qui était vraiment compréhensif dans ce moment difficile.

Roopnarain Emmanuel. 26/11/21

Linda Caboche

A big thank you to Elie and Sons for the excellent work that they are doing for people like us.Being in Australia I was able to assist and be with my close friend virtually today .Your live streaming of the funeral ceremony was well presented and very emotional.
Your lady singer gives us goosebumps during the whole ceremony, she’s very talented.
Wish you good continuation and all the… Read more “Linda Caboche”

Linda Caboche, 23/11/2021

Christopher Ferret

My Grand mother passed away two days ago..We were all affected and was quite confuse what we need to do for the burial as it was public hokiday,almost everywhere was close.Nevertheless you guys you did everthing.
Many thanks for your support.God bless you all

Christopher Ferret, 03/11/21

Sheila Jogoo

Chère Sonia,
Je vous remercie de votre gentillesse et votre dévouement pour les durs moments que nous avons vécu durant le décès de ma soeur Lynda survenu le 16 octobre.
Nous avons été touché par votre professionalisme et le bon déroulement des funérailles.
Encore un grand Merci.

Sheila Jogoo, 01/11/21

How Sok

My dad passed away on the 29 august 2021 at Clinique du Nord Baie du Tombeau we were all so sad and cannot accept he left us so quick.We called stephen valere from eli and son. He immediate responded to our call despite it was a sunday evening he came and everything was taken care of. Needful has been done to make us feel comforted. The funeral was done to… Read more “How Sok”

How Sok, 25/10/21

Patrick Chen

A heartful thanks to the wonderful team who handled from head to toe the burial of my dearest mum. Kindness and Generosity is what I felt before and during the wake and the day of the burial. From Stephane who handled my account to Philippe who dispensed the prayers before the closing of the coffin to Catherine and the coffee lady…thank you guys! You did a wonderful job in supporting… Read more “Patrick Chen”

Patrick Chen, 19/10/21

Vijesh Caumul

Dear team,
Special thanks for all those involved in the last journey of my father.
Manfred thank you for your guidances n patience.
Mons le chauffeur, desole de ne pas avoir retenu votre nom, merci egalement d’avoir conduit mon papa avec toutes les precautions.

Vijesh Caumul, 01/10/21

Valerie Rohan

Merci énormément a Chrystelle Elie et a toute son équipe pour tout ce dont vous avez fait aujourd’hui. Une mention spéciale pour Didier Monplé et M. Laverdure qui ont fait un travail de malade a régler les soucis.
Stephanie a aussi superbement chanté a l’église. Merci beaucoup !!

Valerie Rohan, 30/09/21

Natasha Chakowa

Un grand merci à toute l’équipe de Elie and Sons qui ont donné à mon père des funérailles digne du grand homme qu’il était. Merci pour votre professionnalisme et votre dévouement. Ce que nous retenons surtout c’est la touche humaine, l’empathie et le respect de toute l’équipe. Ces moments ont été douloureux certes, mais tout était là pour que tout se passe pour le meilleur. Des remerciements particuliers à Sonia… Read more “Natasha Chakowa”

Natasha Chakowa, 27/09/21

Ramassawmy Ruvani

Bonjour, Cela fait une semaine que nous avons perdu un être cher, la blessure est toujours là a vif, on sait qu’il n’y aura que le temps et Dieu qui apaisera et reconfortera les coeurs.
Je voulais en profiter pour remercier l’équipe et le service incroyable offert par Elie and Sons. Dans la douleur, ils vous apportent et ammenent une aide précieuse dans ces moments terrible. Ils sont là… Read more “Ramassawmy Ruvani”

Ramassawmy Ruvani, 27/09/21


I just wanted to say thank Elie and Sons so much for your caring and througfulness at such a difficult time.
Brown death was a devasting tragedy for all of us and we are grateful for your support and understanding..
Thank you so much for the wonderful service you provide. Regards,
Julianna Louis

Julianna, 24/09/21

Vikash Baichoo

Stephen and his team eased our pain in so many ways. They picked up my brother’s body And eased us through that trouble. The coffin was brought to our place quickly and they did all the heavy lifting and positioned my brother correctly in our living room. The next day they removed the metal lining from inside the coffin which was painstaking as the body was heavy. When it was… Read more “Vikash Baichoo”

Vikash Baichoo, 23/09/21

Valérie Lemaire

Un énorme merci à Eric Elie, Lizzie Laverdure et à toute l’équipe de Elie & Sons d’avoir permis à Marie Lourdes de partir dans la dignité. Etre pauvre colle à la peau de nombre de malheureux, de leur naissance à leur mort. Sans Elie & Sons, Marie Lourdes aurait trainé sa pauvreté jusqu’à sa dernière demeure. Merci d’en avoir fait une reine.

Valérie Lemaire, 30/08/21

Joelle Jeetun

Thank you to Elie and Sons for your help during this hard time to organise grand mère mimi’s (Naomie Hopeng ) funeral. Sylvain, we wish to thank for you support and help and you were here with us to take the right decision. During this hard you were more than a family for us and you did provide a service above our expectations. Everything was perfect the staff Special thank… Read more “Joelle Jeetun”

Joelle Jeetun, 29/08/21

Sabrina Claite

Bonjour Je suis Sabrina Claite de Roches Brunes. Je tiens a remercier toute l equipe d Elie and Sons pour les funerailles de ma maman Ghislaine Moothen. Ce fut un service majestueux de la Chapelle Ardente jusqu au cimetiere. Je n ai eu aucun soucis et toute l equipe a pris en charge les demarches administratives et autres. Mes parents de l exterieur m ont dit qu ils n ont… Read more “Sabrina Claite”

Sabrina Claite, 22/08/21


In times of gr8 sorrow got helped without asking. La personne a demontré la compassion, la compréhension et surtou le côté humain.. Merci du fond du coeur 🙏

Priyaj, 16/08/21

Dalwhoor Praveen

In my difficult moment when my keen were not by my side Elie and Sons provided me with all support and assistance. I am very grateful to them.

Dalwhoor Praveen, 16/08/21

Murday family

Thanks your team who give good feedback.
My personal view is that you are dedicated team and very good service. I give you 10/10
Thanks for your support during the difficult moment I pass & Thanks for decoration on limousine

Murday family, 31/07/21

Nemla Hand

On behalf of our family I have to thank the staff of Elie & sons for organising the funeral of my father.
Hats off to Angelique for her dedication and professionalism.
She was a great support to our family in every field.
She made everything easy for us in this difficult time, very helpful and someone we could rely.
It’s a pleasure to get into conversation… Read more “Nemla Hand”

Nemla Hand, 30/07/21

Nemla Gangoo

On behalf of our family I have to thank the staff of Elie & Sons for organising the funeral of my father.
Hats off to Angelique for her dedication and professionalism.
She was a great support to our family in every field.
She made everything easy for us in this difficult time and was very helpful and someone we could rely.
It’s a pleasure to get… Read more “Nemla Gangoo”

Nemla Gangoo, 30/07/21

Sunita Gopee

Angelique has been very helpful, cooperative and understanding. She has attended to all our queries even after her working hours.

Sunita Gopee, 27/07/21

Annick Carmagnole

Service impeccable
Sonia nous a été d’une grande aide et d’un grand soutien
Suite au décès de mon père ma maman et moi etions un peu perdues et on ne savait pas quoi faire exactement dans ces circonstances
Sonia a tout pris en main et nous a soulagés d’un gros stress
Merci beaucoup et meme pendant la veillée tout le monde a été tres gentil

Annick Carmagnole, 21/06/21

Cyril Wu Kwok Kin

Remerciements pour le bon service professionnel Merci beaucoup

Cyril Wu Kwok Kin, 20/06/21

Olivier and Nadine Comarmond

Elie and Sons has been prompt and so helpful after the death of our father. They took less than 30 mins to meet us at the Hospital when we called them in the middle of the night. Special thanks to Sylvain who advised us brilliantly on the course of action in this time of lockdown restrictions. He has been a real guide, discrete and efficient, on whom we could rely… Read more “Olivier and Nadine Comarmond”

Olivier and Nadine Comarmond, 05/06/21

Jonathan Maurer Masson

No need to testify or write long comments. These will not and can never do them justice. You need to EXPEREIENCE the Elie & Sons services to know what they are made of!!
Kudos to Didier, once you met him you know why Elie & Sons is the best….

Jonathan Maurer Masson, 03/06/21

Pascale Doorgah

We were taken by surprise on Saturday morning when we heard that my father had just a couple more hours to live. We had made no arrangements for burial and had no idea what or how to do. I called Elie and Sons and within a few minutes a representative called me, within 30 mins she was at the hospital, and my dad’s body was taken away. Ornella was very… Read more “Pascale Doorgah”

Pascale Doorgah, 25/05/21

Nandita Gopaul

I would like to thank all the Elie and sons team for the good service.All the Hindu ritual were respected with good care. All sanitary measures were taken. Our family was impressed by the professionalism of the team . I would highly recommend this company.

Nandita Gopaul, 10/05/21

Maryline Toinette

Je tiens personellement a remercier et feliciter l’equipe d Elie & Sons pour son organisation lors des obseques de ma tante Therese.Le professionalisme etait vraiment au rendez vous.Bravo et merci encore.

Maryline Toinette, 05/05/21

Jane Laxade

Les familles Laxade, Toinette et Turenne remercient chaleureusement Elie and Sons pour l’organisation des funerailles de Therese Phaesie survenue le 5 Avril 2021. Nous tenons a exprimer notre profonde reconnaissance pour le professionalisme de l’equipe surtout Ornella qui nous a accompagne dans ces moments difficiles. Merci aussi a l’equipe de la chapelle ardente,les white ladies et Stephanie Cerdor(pour les chants a l’eglise) qui ont assure le service d’une facon impeccable.… Read more “Jane Laxade”

Jane Laxade, 04/05/21

Jean Francois Antoine

Dear Team, I want to thank you for the service given to my family for the funeral of the triplets of my brother Gary and wife Anais Antoine(SLIMANE,ALIANA and KY-MANI).
Specially to Stephane,who has been with us since Monday 19 April to Saturday 24 April 2021.
He has helped us in all steps of the funeral.HATS OFF.Dedicated employee and very professional mindset.Go extra miles for us.I am very… Read more “Jean Francois Antoine”

Jean Francois Antoine, 24/04/21

Jaymila Chengalanee

We would like to thank Elie and Sons for their professionalism, help and support for the death of Mr Permal Chengalanee on Saturday the 17th of April 2021.A special thanks to Yuvrin for his punctuality and help. Deven, Nadia, Jaymila Chengalanee and Nevin Palany.

Jaymila Chengalanee, 21/04/21


Cela fais une semaine depuis que ma G.mere maternelle nous a quitter.son depart fût très vite.
Je tiens à dire merci à l’équipe d’elie and son. Principalement à krystelle et Stéphane
Valère d’avoir d’été présente dans ce moment difficile. Étant tous a l’étranger , vous avez apporter un support a mes parents. Surtout pour ma maman. Mr valère les as bien encadrer du début a la fin.
Read more “Dibel”

Dibel, 18/04/21


I wish to thank the whole team of Elie & Sons, specially Ornella for their professionalism. We were guided throughout the whole process and everything was explained clearly.Our suggestions were always taken into consideration. Ornella was always reacheable either by text or phone no matter the time of the day. What was a very difficult moment for our familly was made easier freeing of of the worry of all the… Read more “Sonny”

Sonny, 15/04/21

Jennifer Chinappen

A bIG Thank You to the choir and amazing voice of Stephanie for making the ceremony even more heart touching. Elie Team you are just all wonderful people accompanying and comforting us in those very difficult.moments. Bless u always

Jennifer Chinappen, 09/04/21

Jean Christophe Utile

We would like to thank Elie n Sons team for the support and excellent service for the Funeral of our beloved Lindsay Utile who left us during confinement period. Special thanks to stephan Valere

Jean christophe Utile, 09/04/21

Jennifer Chinappen

Thank you to the whole Elie and Sons team present for accompanying us in this difficult moment. Excellent service from start to finish despite the confinement. A special thank you to Manisha for supporting us with so much attention, patience and professionalism. My family and myself really appreciated to have you around. We managed to prepare everything with your help as my Mum it to be. Keep it up… Read more “Jennifer Chinappen”

Jennifer Chinappen,08/04/21

Marjorie Barbe Munien

Thank you very much for your service. Special thanks to Manisha and her team who have been present at all times to facilitate the different steps. Her presence, compassion and professionalism has been of a great support during these difficult times.

Marjorie Barbe Munien, 29/03/21

Simon Desmarais

Nous tenons à féliciter l’équipe D’Elie & Sons pour l’organisation lors des obsèques d’Ines Domingue le mardi 02 Mars 2021, un évenement au cours duquel vous avez su faire preuve de professionnalisme. Aussi un remerciement special à Yuvrin, Stéphanie et son époux pour leur gentillesse et leurs talents qui nous ont tous impréssionés. Encore Bravo! La Famille Desmarais

Simon Desmarais, 28/03/21

Micheline Zephir

Merci beaucoup pour votre service du debut a la fin. Ma famille et moi meme avons bien apprécié tout ce que Elie & sons nous a apporté pendant ce dure moment. Tout était comme nous l’avons espéré et nous vous en sommes reconnaissants pour tout cela. Un énorme merci a Angélique qui nous magnifiquement accompagné durant ces deux jours.elle a su nous apporté son soutient et fait un beau travail… Read more “Micheline Zephir”

Micheline Zephir, 27/03/21

Danielle Wright

This is with great pleasure that I can say how much we appreciated the approach, help and patience that Stephane shown me when I was discussing the funeral arrangement for my Husband. He was so kind and patient and made the whole emotional arrangement much less so. I thank him for that.

Danielle Wright, 26/03/21


Merci bcp à Elie & Sons pour le service !
Spécialement à Yuvrin qui était à notre service et qui nous à très bien guidé ! On vous remercie énormément pour vôtre soutien ! Et big thanks to Yuvrin 😘

E L, 22/03/21

Vikram Fokeer

I would like to thank wholeheartedly Elie & Sons(especially Mr. Sylvain Vacher) for their professionalism, dedication and compassion. My father has passed away on the pious night of Maha Shivratree and Mr. Sylvain understood spontaneously that we had to give him a dignified cremation. He arrived promptly at my place(around 1 AM) and elaborated to us a well-designed plan. I was dubious as to whether this was feasible during a… Read more “Vikram Fokeer”

Vikram Fokeer, 19/03/21

Audrey Martin

Je voudrais remercier Stéphanie pour sa prestation lor des funerailles de mon père. Les chants étaient magnifiquement interprétés. Que ce soit physiquement ou virtuellement les gens ont été ébloui par son talent. Merci encore et qu’elle continue a faire ce qu’elle tu fais. La famille Martin.

Audrey Martin, 19/03/21

Marie Thierry

Un grand merci a votre equipe pour votre rapidite d’execution et professionalisme surtout dans ce moment de confinement, Un grand grand Merci a Dany et Stephanie qui ont su animer ce dernier moment de priere et avec de beaux cantiques. C’est la premiere fois que j’assiste a ce genre de ceremonie a domicile qui pour moi a ete la plus belle des ceremonie funebres de toute ma vie. Bravo pour… Read more “Marie Thierry”

Marie Thierry, 19/03/21

Audrey Martin

In this time of grief , it is difficult to think and have all our mind when it comes to organizing funerals for your loved ones. My father was in a critical state at the ICU of Wellkin hospital..and on Monday morning I knew he was going to leave us for the better. I decided to ring Elie&Sons and start planning. By god’s grace, I was directed to Stephane Valere,… Read more “Audrey Martin”

Audrey Martin, 17/03/21

Laureen Hyacinthe-Jacqdom

Elie & Sons services is a blessing at this time of pandemic. Special thanks to Sylvain who helped and guided us all the way. He encouraged me a lots during my quarantine. The team was amazing and had the highest standards for their work. I would recommend Elie and sons to any family, friends, or even strangers

Laureen Hyacinthe-Jacqdom, 15/03/21

Nitish Sabbajee

Ellie & Sons provides very professional services. The employees are very compassionate and did excellent work! Special thanks to Mr. Didier Monple who helped and guided us all the way. Keep it up and thanks once again.

Nitish Sabbajee, 16/02/21

Chung Chan Wah Marie Claudia Manuela

Merci beaucoup a Ellie & son pour le service et votre professionalismne..espicialement a Monsieur David Duyem
Il est tres gentil,tres a l’ecoute
Merci oci au 2 personnes qui sont venus en urgence dans la nuit
Merci oci au 4 porteur tres sympas
Je connais pas leurs noms
Svp Monsieur David remercier ses 6 personnes sincerement pour moi
Bonne continuation
Manuela chung… Read more “Chung Chan Wah Marie Claudia Manuela”

Chung Chan Wah Marie Claudia Manuela, 16/02/21

Sylvain Prefumo

Many thanks to Elie and sons for the professionalism. The team has provided us confort during this hard and difficult period with a high quality of service.
Thank you once more to the management and staff of Elie and Sons

Sylvain Prefumo, 14/02/21

Gilda Stumbaugh

On behalf of my family (Juste, Hannelas, Favory) and myself I would like to thank Elie and Sons for the your great services provided to us at a time where we needed the most help and comfort. The level of professionalism was exceptional .
My mother was treated as a queen.
Thank you very very much from bottom of my heart.

Gilda Stumbaugh, 15/11/19

Roshan Seetaram

Our loving dog “Duke” passed away on 15.12.19. Your assistance to handle his body till his cremation today 16.12.19, is to be put on record. On behalf of our family, I would like to extend my heartfelt thanks for your professional touch.

Roshan Seetaram, 16/12/19

Marie-Hélène Breysach

Sincères remerciements pour la qualité de vos services et la discrétion compatissante de votre personnel. Venant de France nous avons retrouvé notre mère, Lise, à la chapelle ardente de Beau Bassin dans une atmosphère recueillie et sereine,ce qui a été un grand réconfort. Les obsèques à l’église Ste Thérèse et la remise des cendres au caveau familial ont été conformes à nos souhaits et nous tenons à vous dire notre… Read more “Marie-Hélène Breysach”

Marie-Hélène Breysach, 20/04/19

Bhavyata Canhye

A big thank you from late Mr. Mahendranath Canhye family to the entire team of Elie and Sons. There is no words that can describe the service you’ve provided for the funeral of my father. Having him placed in the refrigerated bed gave me and my husband time to fly from Australia to be present at his funeral. Everything was done in a professional manner. It was a beautiful send… Read more “Bhavyata Canhye”

Bhavyata Canhye, 13/02/18

Mary-Queenie Adam

You deserve a big round of applause for the professional conduct, pricing, response time and excellent service albeit you were dealing with a dog’s funeral. We all witnessed how our ‘Juno’ was treated like a “Queen” in death.
On behalf of my family and acquaintances, I reiterate my heartfelt appreciation for your unflinching support throughout.
To Mevine and Adam from Elie and Sons reading in: “This is what… Read more “Mary-Queenie Adam”

Mary-Queenie Adam, 24/01/17

Charriere Rosemay

Au nom de la famille Ritta je voulais vous REMERCIE pour le travail que vous avez fait pour l’enterrement de mon Papa Henri Ritta merci encore et bravo pour la chorale.

Charriere Rosemay, 22/11/16

Emma and Nickhil Kowlessur

We can’t thank you enough for how you helped us in our real hour of need. You did everything for us so we could both grieve and digest what had unexpectedly happened. Your service and your staff are fantastic I truly can’t thank you enough for your service and support.

Emma and Nickhil Kowlessur, 19/08/16

Nathasha Bhundoo

On behalf of our family I wish to thank you all for help your entire team has done. We were very satisfied with the services we received during the painful moment when we lost our uncle Mr. Mohip Bhundoo.Thank you for the services given.

Nathasha Bhundoo, 12/05/16

Gino Parbhoo

Voulez simplement vous dire Merci pour enterrement de ma Mamman,vous avez une equipe extra ordinaire,chapeau pour la Chorale a L’eglise…merci encore..

Gino Parbhoo, 28/04/16

Satish Pattoo

Dear all,
On behalf of our family ,I want to thank the entire team of Elie & sons for being by our side during these painful moments where we lost our dad France Pattoo.
Thank you for these outstanding services which are second to none.. Keep it up and may your enterprise prosper. Congratulations.
Best regards.

Satish Pattoo, 10/09/15

Pooja Poran

On behalf of our entire family, I want to thank you for managing my GRANDMA funeral arrangements. My sincere thanks go to the entire team of Elie and Sons for being there in a time of great need. All my family and is very satisfied with the services that we received. Please let your staff know how much we appreciate them going above and beyond their duties. There really aren’t… Read more “Pooja Poran”

Pooja Poran, 20/08/15


Thank you! I just want to say thank you to Jessica and to your company for the very good service for repatriate the body of my fiance to Switzerland. I was so glad that you organized everything with the papers and the flight, so that I could get home as soon as possible.
It’s hard to accept that he has gone forever… so suddenly and unexpected. But to held… Read more “Annina”

Annina, 01/09/14

Mr Pravin

Thanks a lot for your support. We really appreciate the professionalism shown by Elie and Sons. Without you support this journey would have been really difficult. You made a big difference Jessica, my heart full thanks to all the team.

Mr Pravin, 01/09/14


Dear Jessica
thank you so much for your wonderful, professional service and kindness. You have made a sad occasion very special. The singer is fantastic!, she has a voice like an angel. Exceptional. Thank you for taking care of my mother and organizing everything, we are eternally grateful. Please thank Mr Didier and everyone involved.
Kindest Regards.

Alex, 01/09/14


My sincere thanks go to the entire team of Elie and Sons who have been there in a time of great need. I cannot thank you enough for helping us during these moments of grief and loss of our father Gervais. The services were impeccable, allowing us to spend those last moments with our Dad without having to worry about anything but the loss. Those who shared those moments with… Read more “Kavish”

Kavish, 10/04/14

Evelyn Kiasiong

My sincere thanks go to the entire team of Elie and Sons who have been there in a time of great need. I cannot thank you enough for helping us during these moments of grief and loss of our father Gervais. The services were impeccable, allowing us to spend those last moments with our Dad without having to worry about anything but the loss. Those who shared those moments with… Read more “Evelyn Kiasiong”

Evelyn Kiasiong, 18/01/13


Chère Jessica, J’espère que tu te portes bien. Je te remercie personnellement d’avoir répondu à ma demande par rapport à Mrs Kising. Je remercie aussi le groupe Elie & Sons et spécialement toi pour tout ce que tu a pu faire au moment du décès de la dame. Bonne continuation dans votre entreprise familiale et que Le Seigneur vous bénisse tous. A très bientôt. Isabelle

Isabelle, 10/09/12

Martine de Robillard

Eric, un mot, un seul suffit MERCI!! Merci pour ton accueil, ta compassion, la rapidite du service , le professionalisme de ELIE & SONS.. Une fois de plus, une fois encore j’ai su apprecier. Continue a placer la barre toujours plus haute, au top des top!!!

Martine de Robillard, 16/08/12

Sharon Tonta-Ricaud

Monsieur Elie, Au nom de la famille Moutou,Tonta,Tranquille,Bunderam,Ramen et Ricaud, je tiens à remercier l’équipe d’Elie & Sons pour les services qu’on a obtenue lors du funéraille de mon grand père, Louis Alex Moutou, survenu le jeudi 12 Juillet 2012. On est tous très satisfait du travail qui a été fait par l’équipe de Mons Nicolas qui en passant, je voudrais signalé a été très gentil,comprehensif et surtout qui a… Read more “Sharon Tonta-Ricaud”

Sharon Tonta-Ricaud, 17/07/12

Virginie Jababa

La famille Veerapen,Ladouce et Augustin remercie toutes l’equipe elie & Sons pour le servidr obtenue pour le funeraille de leur maman Judith Veerapen qui a eu lieu le 12 Avril 2012. Tres touche par les preparations et tres emouvantes pour la cermonie . un grand merci encore.

Virginie Jababa, 17/04/12

Moutou Mary Joyce

je vous remerci pour le service que vous avez apporter a ma famille pour le deces de mon pere en 2009 vous etre tres professionel et merci encore

Moutou Mary Joyce

Mario Hennequin

Mr. Elie, Je tiens personnellement à vous communiquer le fait que votre prestation autour des funérailles de Gaëlle Faustin a été à la hauteur de l’évènement, les services déployés ayant bien souligné la gravité et la solennité de ce moment difficile qu’a vécu la famille. La sobriéte et l’efficacité dans l’exécution des tâches ainsi que le controle minutieux de chacune des étapes s’étendant de la prise en charge a l’aéroport,… Read more “Mario Hennequin”

Mario Hennequin

Gungabissoon’s Family

Just a short note to thank you for your help and professionalism when dealing with the funeral of my father who passed away on Saturday 3rd December 2011, You really did take all the worries we had away and arranged everything perfectly. Thank you again for making these difficult times easier.\” Many thanks to Nicolas and his team Gungabissoon’s family

Gungabissoon's Family, 08/12/1994


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Memorial Garden

More than a cemetery, ELIE & SONS MEMORIAL GARDEN will be a place of contemplation. A quiet area where We will commemorate our dear ones. The cemetery will be accessible for all. A place of meeting for each community. (For those of Hindu faith, Islamic faith, for Sino-Mauritians, Catholic and others)

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Post Office

Our members now have the privilege of making payments at the Mauritius Post Office around the island and attend several events.[gallery size="large" ids="3350,3349,3348,3347"]

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Elie and Sons Funeral had the privilege to work in collaboration with the G.S.E.A on special campaigns during several months for the Funeral Scheme. Founded in the year 1945 by a group of dedicated persons who felt the need to be responsible for defending, protecting, and improving the conditions of work and quality of worker’s life. Elie and Sons Funeral is proud to have members of the G.S.E.A in our community.[gallery size="large" ids="3344"]

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